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 Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year Post 2019
24 Jan

Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year Post 2019

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Hey, everyone! Do you know any big day in February of 2019? Chinese may say: “I know, I know...Chinese New Year
Festivities!” Ok, of course, it’s definitely a big day for the Chinese peoples! It is the same important festivities same as Christmas and New Year as Western. 

Lunar New Year is particularly meaningful for Chinese. It symbolizes everything will be new, we could say goodbye to the badness, and happy to welcome all the luck and happiness in a new year.

There is an interesting and special custom in Chinese New Year-red pocket money. This money is not a common money, it is called the ‘lucky money’. The red pocket money, which is representing the elder’s blessing and hopeful.
Children usually get this ‘lucky money’ from their families or anyone of elders who knowing them.

People in China will also visit their families and friends to make a ceremonial call. The visitor will prepare some presents and full blessing words such as “Kung Hei Fat Choi” to them. Chinese will enjoy this holiday by sending presents and best wishes to each other.

Another most important in February is the Valentine’s day! It’s a big day for the world not specified for any country or area. It is a special day you could say love loudly. In 14th Feb., You need to prepare a unique and full of love gift, and don’t be shy. Shout ‘your love’ to the person you love, and express how you hope to hold her/his hands forever. Make a sweet love story for you two.


Nowadays, Valentine’s day not only belong to couples, but also for friends and families. Boys and girls are willing to buy some gifts to their friends or even for themselves since everyone is important. We like to share our love to our important persons not just our lovers.


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