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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

 A. How to register on Gigagos Shop?

1. Press my account

2. Login directly on the left side if you are our customer already 


3. New Customer: Click “CONTINUE” to create an account

    on the right side

4. Registration by login your social media account


5. Or fill in the registration form 

6. Choose “Yes” or “No” of subscribe for receiving new

    information of Gigagos Shop or not


7. Select the pictures according Google Captcha requirement

    ***For security reasons 

8. Click “tick(✓)”to agree “Privacy Policy” and press “CONTINUE


9. Receive the confirmation mail after finishing the registration form

B. How to buy on Gigagos Shop?

1. Choose your target product 

2. View product photos and zoom in the product details

3. Write your comments on reviews page

4. Share your favorite products to your friends through Facebook,

    Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and VK 

    ***By security reasons, you must select the photos of google

    captcha and press “Submit”


5. See the Reward Points here

6. Select your favorite color and quantity


7. Add products to the shopping cart

8. Press “View Cart” to see your orders

9. Press “Cross Button” to change the quantity of items

    or remove some

10. Press “Update


       getting DISCOUNT

12. Estimate shipping & taxes: select delivery country, region, fill in

      the country code and press “Get Quotes” to view the shipping fee

13. Press “Checkout

14. Member: Login to your account, the screen would show contact

      information directly

15. Fill in your REAL contact and delivery information

16. Not Member: Create your account at the bottom side of this page

17. Choose receiving Gigagos Shop information or not 

18. Agree the privacy policy before going to next step

19. Change your shipping method once again if you want

20. Choose the payment method of Paypal

      ***Paypal is the top security payment system in the world



21. Agree the “Terms & Condition”, and press “CONTINUE” to next step

22. Leave messages in “Add Comments About Your Order

      if you have any enquiry



23. Press “CONFIRM ORDER” and go to Paypal before checking

      without any mistake

24. Fill in your Correct Paypal information

25. After payment by Paypal, system will back to Gigagos shop page

26. Press “View your order history” to see your order details